Common Questions Concerning Retrieving A Vehicle From Hard-To-Reach Places

by Billy Price

Whether you have accidentally left your vehicle out of gear only to see it roll over a hill or an accident has caused your car to veer of into a body of water, watching your car sink to a hard-to-reach place can be quite disheartening. Even though you may think you are in an impossible situation, most tow trucks are well-equipped to retrieve your car or truck from an unlikely predicament. If this is a service you are left having to contact, it is likely that you have a few questions. Here are a few of the most common questions and the answers you should know.

Will the car be damaged during the process of retrieval?

If your car is in the water, extreme measures may be taken to get it out. However, the substantial amount of water damage will be more of a concern than anything the tow truck will do to try and retrieve it. Cables will be connected to the undercarriage of your vehicle where the steel frame is located. This is typically not something that will cause any damage. The same goes if your vehicle has slipped over an embankment or steep slope.

How can the tow truck get close enough to pull the vehicle?

If you have a vehicle that is stuck in a body of water or over a hill, this is a likely question to have, as it is not logical for a tow truck to take the same path and be able to climb back out on its own. Towing services use steel cables attached to heavy-duty winch systems to attach to your vehicle and pull it out. Therefore, they will not have to be exactly in front of your vehicle to attempt to retrieve it.

Will the insurance company cover the costs associated with extreme vehicle retrieval?

This will greatly depend on the coverage options you have and how your car managed to get into the predicament. If your car or truck is in this situation due to an automobile accident, there is a better chance that the charges will be covered.

Even though it may seem like your vehicle is in an impossible situation, it is always a good idea to get in touch with local towing services like Bonnyville East End Service 2007 Ltd. There is a pretty good chance that in spite of the difficulty, your vehicle can be retrieved by the right tow truck company.