Top 4 Reasons Your Alternator May Not Be Working Correctly

by Billy Price

If your battery is not working, the real problem may be your alternator. Your alternator and your battery work together to provide your vehicle with the energy that it needs to do its job. If your battery is holding its charge, one of these four problems may be the reason your alternator is not pulling its weight.

#1: Computer Issues

In most newer vehicles, your alternator is directly connected to the vehicle's computer system. If your vehicle's computer system is acting up, then there is a high probability that your alternator is going to be acting up as well. The most common consequence of a computer-related alternator problem is that your alternator is not able to hold a charge.

#2: Wires

Multiple wires connect your alternator to your vehicle's computer system as well as your vehicle's battery. If any of these wires have become unattached from your alternator, or have ended up cut or frayed, your alternator probably isn't getting the energy that it needs to do its job. Once you find the offending wire or wires, all you need to do is replace them to get your alternator and your battery running again.

#3: Fuses

If your vehicle's computer system is up and running, and the wires are in good condition, there may be something wrong with the specific fuse that is connected to your alternator. In order to figure out which fuse is connected to your alternator, you will need to get out your owner's manual. Your owner's manual should contain a diagram that will point you to which fuse is connected to your alternator.

Once you find the fuse that is connected to your alternator, you'll need to inspect it. If the fuse is blown, you'll need to replace it. Luckily, fuses are relatively inexpensive to replace.

#4: Belt & Pulley

Your alternator creates power through a belt and pulley set-up. Over time, the belt may wear down and break or stretch out. When either of these two things happens, the belt and pulley system your alternator employs will fail to create power. If for some reason the pulley mechanism breaks or become damaged, the result is the same. Fortunately, this is a relatively quick repair job for your mechanic.

If your battery is able to hold a charge, but just isn't getting the power it needs to do its job, be sure to check out these top four common alternator problems. When your alternator is unable to work properly, your battery and your car will not work either. For more information, contact a specialist like AERS Auto Electric & Refrigeration Ltd.