Don't Make One Of These Mistakes With Your Brakes

by Billy Price

When out for a drive, the last thing you want is to push down on the brakes and have them not work for you. It could put your life on the line in a matter of seconds. Instead of taking anything to chance, you need to take your vehicle in for regular brake inspections to make sure you aren't ever put in this type of situation. However, you need to make sure you go to someone who is trained to do the job right. Here are some of the common mistakes made by people trying to do the job on their own.

Not taking the time to clean the hardware and brake slides.

Just because you have the old brakes off, that doesn't mean you can simply throw the new ones on in their place. You need to take the time to go through and clean everything out. It should be free from rust and potential contaminants. Once you have the bracket slides nice and clean, you can go ahead and put the new brakes and hardware in place.

Not putting the brake pads on the right way.

While many people think they know the way that brake pads should be put on a vehicle, they often end up putting them on wrong. It actually isn't as simple as many people think it is. Oftentimes, people will start hearing a grinding sound after changing their brakes. They don't understand why this is going on. In fact, it stems from the fact that the brake pads were put on backwards. To correct the problem, you will need to have them changed around and assess any potential damage caused.

Not putting the caliper on right side up.

When it comes time to bleed the calipers, you need to make sure they are actually on the right way. If you try to bleed calipers when the bleeders aren't on the top, you will end up causing air to get into the caliper. By making sure the bleeder is on top, you can get all of the air out of the system. Whenever installing new calipers, you should double check to make sure they gave you one for each side before you start working on your vehicle.

If you are ever in doubt, take your vehicle to someone who has the experience and expertise to get the job done right for you the first time around.

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