Common Sunroof Problems And How To Fix Them

by Billy Price

Having water coming in your car where you don't want it to be is frustrating, but don't seal up that sunroof just yet. Many sunroof problems are simple to fix. With a few basic tools you can repair the causes of some basic leak issues. Learning to fix your sunroof is a great way to get your hands dirty. With a little elbow grease you'll be able to keep the water where you want it to be and still have fun in the sun.

Repairing Blocked Drains

Depending on your vehicle's make and model your sunroof will have between 2 to 4 drain holes around the edges of your roof's seal. Leaks occur when these drain holes become plugged because the water doesn't have another way out. In order to remove a clog from these holes you'll have to remove your sunroof. You should refer to your car's manual for how to remove your specific sunroof.

To remove a clog from the drain holes you'll need either a pipe cleaner or a cotton swab. When you're cleaning out a clog be sure to pull debris out toward you. If you push them in you risk the debris becoming stuck further on down the line. To further test if the drain hole is clear pour a small amount of water into the hole, if it has successfully been unclogged the water will drain out under your car.

Fixing A Damaged Seal

How can you tell if your seal is damaged around your sunroof? Place one hand underneath your sunroof and push up while moving along the edge. You're looking to see if the plastic of the sunroof lifts up from your car. If it does, you will need to replace the seal.

After removing your sun roof you'll have to remove the old seal by scraping it gently off with a razor blade. Next you'll have to clean off the remaining residue using rubbing alcohol and a rag. After it's clean you simply have to apply the new seal around the edge of the removed sunroof. After you've reapplied the seal simply place your sunroof back according to your car's manual.

When To Take It To A Shop

If at any time you feel uncomfortable repairing your sunroof you should bring it in to a shop to be repaired. More complex issues like a damaged mechanism or loose draining tubes are a little more invasive with your car and would benefit from the help of a technician, like those at T M Custom Auto Trim & Glass Ltd.