Keeping Your Seat (And The Rest Of Your Body) Warm On Your Daily Commute

by Billy Price

Looking out of your window into the cold Canadian winter, you begin to feel an icy dread. You have no choice. You must go and sit in your frigid car on your frozen seats until the engine warms up sufficiently to begin your commute.  You must then wait longer still until it warms enough as you drive for your heater to actually keep you warm. 

This is actually preferable to mornings when your windows are covered with a sheet of ice that you must scrape away exposed bitter cold winds. 

Luckily, there are options available to allow you to limit your exposure to a brief rush to an already warmed vehicle.

Remote car starters

The idea is simple. A device is added to your ignition to start your car at the press on a button from inside your home. As you sip your morning coffee, your car's engine is busy warming itself to allow you to take off immediately, with your heater pumping out warm air as soon as you turn it on. 

Windshield ice will either simply slide off the car in large sheets, or be easily removed with a little assistance from the driver. If you have any security concerns with leaving your car running while you are inside the house, you can always add a car alarm.

Car alarms

The perfect compliment to remote car starters, adding a car alarm lets you truly relax while your car warms up outside. What good is relieving anxiety about entering a bone chilling cold when you are constantly looking out the window to see if someone is driving away in your car?

Car alarms are a good idea even if you don't choose to buy a remote starter. Getting out of a warm bed at night to check on your car when you hear a strange noise outside is almost as bad as going outside to sit in a cold car while it warms up.

Speaking of sitting, why not add heated car seats?

The bliss of heated seats

If you're going to install a remote car starter to allow your heater to blow warm air immediately after it is activated, why not add heated seats that can warm the parts of you that the heater vents can't reach? Heated seats are perfect for calming the shivers that occur as you make a mad dash from your warm home into the frigid air.

All of these accessories are available for any vehicle, and you don't need to go to a dealer. There are automotive shops that specialize in aftermarket accessory installations, like Auto Dream.

The only problem will be leaving your warm car when you arrive at your destination.