How To Retouch Auto Paint Chips

by Billy Price

Even a few small chips in your car's paint can make the whole vehicle look aged. There are a number of things that you can try to touch up your car's paint chips. Here is a guide to fixing car paint chips. 

Choose Paint Carefully

If you're feeling handy, try to touch up the paint yourself. Get advice from your local auto body shop on which type of paint to use. Your manufacturer might also provide touch-up kits for your paint. When you're choosing the paint to apply, make sure to look for the right additives. A urethane paint with a clear coat application is a great combination for lasting, protected color. 

Apply Multiple Coats

Once you have your paint in hand, mix a layer of clear coat with your base coat color and apply carefully to your scratches. Some people suggest using a craft brush to apply the paint in the case of very small chips. If you are applying the paint coatings to plastic instead of steel, then you may also need to use wax or isopropyl alcohol to prime the material so that the paint will stick. 

Assess the Results

If you aren't happy with the initial results of your new paint job, there are a few things that you can do. If you're struggling with a larger paint chip area that sticks out from the original paint job, then you might take your car into the auto body shop to get the area buffed and then shined with a strong layer of clear coat solution. 

Don't Be Afraid to Call In an Expert

While attempting to fix it yourself can be a valiant cause, it's also no secret that paint touch-ups are hard. The success of your touch-up paint job depends on the original color of your car (and how much your old paint will show through the new coating), how much finesse you have in applying the touch-up paint, and a host of other factors. The great thing is that auto body shops can often clear up your DIY mishaps if it comes to that. A good auto body shop like Bare's Paint & Bodyworks Automotive repairs will be able to offer a wide range of touch-up options, from applying a stronger coat to a larger area or doing an entire vehicle paint job. In the end, these eye-sore paint chips can be solved in one way or another.