How Onboard, Interactive Satellite Communications Systems Help You Get Towing

by Billy Price

When you are in a car wreck and unable to move, you may struggle to get help. When the wreck does not involve another car and driver, you may be stuck for some time until another car comes along and notices that something is not right. Those precious minutes could mean the difference between life and death, especially if your vehicle is trapped in an awkward position, down a ravine, etc. To get a phone to your ear may not be possible, but onboard, interactive satellite communications systems only require your voice. Here is how to get your onboard satellite system to call for towing and help.

Just After the Crash

Assess if you are able to move your right arm without causing yourself pain, then try to reach for the communication system's activation button. If you cannot reach for it, call out as loudly as you can the access words that should have been pre-programmed into the system when you subscribed to this service. The system will attempt to actively dial the company that provides your service. Keep trying this until someone answers your "call."

Request Help and Towing

Try and remember what road you were on before the accident happened. You may also need to know the distance between you and the next city in either direction. Even if you can only estimate, and estimation will still help emergency dispatch services look for your vehicle. Be sure to request emergency services first, in case you pass out from pain and cannot place a second call for towing. When the communications service has sent police and an ambulance, then you can complete a request for the nearest towing service. If you are also a member of a roadside assistance and travel group, then you can ask the representative to place this call for you, which is often conducted as a three-way call so that your onboard communications representative can hear that a tow truck is on the way.

Give the Onboard Communications Representative Permission to Relay Messages 

Sometimes a towing company needs to see and speak with the owner of the car or may request that you give permission for your car to be towed if you are unable to ride along or follow behind. For the duration of the time that you are in the vehicle, the communications representative may request your permission to relay any calls you receive through the onboard system in your vehicle, including calls from the towing company. This may help the emergency services and the tow truck driver find you more quickly and provide a safer, more streamlined extrication of you and your vehicle from your present crash location.

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