Teen Safety Features That Will Keep Your Car Inspection-Ready

by Billy Price

If you're buying a car for a beginner, either yourself or someone else, safety is certainly an important thing to worry about. Less experienced drivers are far more prone to accidents, especially teenagers. For example, in a single year, there were over 240,000 teens ages 16-19 that had to be hospitalized from a car accident. Even beyond obvious concerns of well-being, accidents can make you fail inspection. Fortunately, you can mitigate this with new safety features.

Electronic Stability Control

This feature is particularly good for new and teen drivers because it's specifically designed to help people who don't know what to do during a spin out. This could be because the driver was travelling quickly and hit water, snow, mud, or some other slick substance, for example. In older cars you had to handle the breaks in the correct way in order to avoid losing control of the car.

But if you find a car that has this feature, you can rest easier knowing that there are computer chips in each of the four wheels that will make it so that the car can recognize a skid and manipulate the wheels to keep the driver in control.

Brake Assist and Automated Brakes

One issue that new drivers often have a problem with is knowing exactly when to brake, and by exactly how much. Distance judgement is a skill that you really only get with experience. Cars that have brake assist can make sure that you never brake less than you could. As soon as a car with this feature detects that you're trying to stop hard, it can overrule the normal controls on your car and apply a brake separately, without needing pressure input from your foot.

This will only serve to reduce injuries even if you don't avoid a crash altogether. The slower you're going when you hit another car, the better off both you and them will be.

Some more advanced cars can even apply a brake automatically if you forget to do so using motion detection technology. At low speeds, the car will apply brakes if you aren't doing so yourself.

Lane Control

Newer drivers can also sometimes forget to keep their car perfectly within their lane at all times. Lane drift can be a bad habit that people don't get over for a little while. One effective way to mitigate this is to get cars that can warn you when your car is about to drift out of the lane that it's in. Some can even override controls to prevent too much lane drift. 

For more information or to ensure that the car you're looking at is safe, contact a company that offers car inspections, such as Autoguard Inspection Services Ltd.