Four Reasons It Makes Sense To Buy A Used Freightliner

by Billy Price

If you need freightliner trucks to run your business, you know that on occasion you have to retire and replace some of the vehicles in your fleet. The next time you are ready to purchase a new addition, consider buying a used freightliner. Here are just a few reasons that it is a smart idea to buy used freightliner trucks whenever it is possible. 

1. Used Freightliner Trucks are More Affordable

Freightliner trucks are like any type of vehicle or piece of machinery: as soon as you take the truck off the lot, it immediately depreciates in value. Make this depreciation work to your advantage by purchasing a slightly used truck, rather than the brand new model.

The slightly used truck has already suffered the hit of the initial depreciation, leaving you with an affordable vehicle to add to your fleet.

2. You Can Still Take Advantage of Deals and Financing Specials

Many businesses buy their freightliner trucks new because they mistakenly believe that special financing deals are only available for new trucks. This is not the case; you can procure favorable financing for used trucks as well.

You can even alter your financing plan to accommodate your needs. Finance one freightliner or multiple freightliners with a single loan. Choose the loan term that satisfies the cash flow needs for your business.

3. Warranties Help Protect Your Investment

Another misconception is that warranties are only available for new freightliners. Fortunately, you can also purchase used freightliners that come with warranties. This helps ensure your protect your purchase without being sidelined by costly repairs.

If you aren't satisfied with the length of the warranty that comes with the freightliner, you can purchase an extended warranty that protects your purchase for your desired length of time or mileage.

4. You Can Choose from an Extensive Variety of Trucks

With such a large number of freighliners to choose from, you can choose the model that has exactly what you need and nothing that you don't. For example, if you like to equip your fleet with freightliners that have sleeper tractors, you can pick from an assortment of affordable, used options. If you like the sleeper tractor to come with certain amenities, there are used trucks you can purchase off the lot that satisfy all of your criteria.

If your truck is in another state or city, your used freightliner dealer can handle the transfer of the truck so that you still get the model that you prefer.